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Temperature Security

Are your coolers, freezers, or chillers cold when you are not around? Losing your product overnight can be costly!
What if your cold storage rises above the critical temp range and the health inspector walks in? Don't get caught by surprise! Be proactive and stay a step ahead.
ProTemp Solutions has you covered with 24/7 temperature monitoring.
From proteins and produce to beer and bagels we have a solution to meet your needs. With years of Commercial Restaurant Equipment Service experience and Monitoring Equipment customized to your application, we have the resources to help you stay informed and in compliance.

Temperature Data Logging

Keeping a temperature log of your equipment is crucial when it comes to food safety. Save crucial time and avoid any human error involving Temperature Logs. We offer a recorded history of your equipment's temperature log for you to save, print out and post for the Health Department.


Basic Temperature Monitoring

As low as $10.00/month per device

Basic temperature monitoring at your fingertips. We install the equipment needed for your application, set you up on our monitoring platform and off you go! Emails and text alerts are provided along with custom set points and parameters. Daily/weekly reports sent automatically.

ProTemp Monitoring

Starting at $15.00/month per device

This option gives you the same benefits as the basic temperature monitoring plus additional temperature and pressure sensors for enhanced equipment diagnostics. This allows your units to be monitored by professional technicians to determine if your system is in need of service or just a lite maintenance.

Tech Support

With ProTemp Monitoring Option your systems are monitored and examined at regular intervals by ProTemp Solution Technicians to insure efficiency and reduce downtime. Add your current service provider to the alert notification list for more rapid response time.

Equipment we can monitor

Reach in Coolers & Freezers
Walk in Coolers & Freezers
Cold Rails & Deli Cases
Glycol Chillers & Beer Systems
HVAC & Wine Rooms
Water Heaters & Boilers


Better Health Inspection Score
Reduced Risk of Product Loss
Extended Product Shelf Life
Quicker Response to Issues
Identify Malfunctioning Equipment
Helps Technicians diagnose issues


Real-Time Temp Alerts
24/7 Monitoring
SMS/Text/Email Alerts
Recorded History Log
Wireless Sensors
Low Monthly Fee